Epson 1500w printer (A3 size)
Does your printer stop printing and displays these errors: "waste ink pad in the printer is saturated" or "parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life"  Fix these errors yourself at the comfort of your office! 
All you need is magictool program and a reset key!

Click here to download magictool to reset your printer
Our objective is to bring to you the most innovative & affordable printing solutions with 1 main goal:-
to help you maximise your profits!

* Wireless convenience:- The Stylus Photo 1500W can print from anywhere thanks to built-in Wi-Fi support, allowing convenient and easy printing from laptops, desktops and the latest generation of mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads using Epson's free iPrint app.
* Print A3 size documents and photos. Can still do other small sizes A4, A5, 4R etc
* Full color - good for printing  fliers, bronchures, documents and other marketing materials
* Print lab quality photos:- with 6 colors to give you crisp clear images. With picsbridge port to enable print direct from digital cameras
* Print directly onto CD/DVD disks
* With continous ink supply sytem, which means there is no buying of expensive ink!
5 mugs heatpress machine

Press 5 mugs at once. Saves time and enables you to brand a large number of mugs within a short period of time.
Light weight and portable,  can use it in malls, markets, shows, and more.
Works with 10oz - 11oz straight mug sublimation blanks
Fully digital temperature control
Automatic digital timer
Easy pressure adjustment
Solid steel welded framework
Soft heater liner for accommodating inconsistent mugs
Temperature readout accuracy +-1C
User selectable end-of-cycle alarms

Epson Photo L850 printer

Cut down your printing costs by over 90% ! The most economical printer ever! Every office should have this printer!
With a "countinous ink supply system" meaning you will never need to buy cartridges!


* 3-in-1 (print, scan, copy) both in color & B/W
* Full color printer:- very good for printing fliers, bronchures, documents etc
* With LCD screen - dont need a computer to operate this printer
* Print lab quality photos and passports
* Print photos directly from memory cards
* Print directly onto CD/DVD disks
* With CISS (continous ink supply system):- you will never buy ink cartridges!

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* The most economical method of printing t-shirts in bulk.
* Print full color graphics onto t-shirts.
* Has 6 stations, meaning you can print graphics with upto 6 different colors
* Very precise registration of color

(optional & sold separate)
Vinyl cutters/plotters

Vinyl cutters use self-adhesive vinyl in combination with a blade to cut out vinyl decals and letters. These can create long term (permanent) graphics or short term vinyl decals depending on the type of vinyl film that you load. Load in your vinyl cutter either removable vinyl film for short term lettering and graphics or long-lasting permanent vinyl film to create vinyl decals that can last for years

Our vinyl cutters comes in 3 sizes
720mm, 1120mm and 1320mm

for price enquiry call us on
0720698099 or
Double Mug Heapress

* Lightweight, portable design
* Press 2 mugs at the same time
* Each side can be controlled
   and programmed differently.
* Responsive LCD control panel
   and quantitive counting feature.
8-in-1 Combo Heapress

* Transfer on t-shirts, plates, caps,
   4 different shape and sizes of
   mugs (normal shape mugs,
   conical mugs etc)
* Heavy duty and very durable
Epson L382 (Print, Scan, Copy)

* Print, scan & photocopy in FULL color at almost ZERO cost!
* With original CISS (Continous Ink Supply System) installed by Epson. No more buying cartridges ever!
* Ideal for printing of office documents, photos, catalogues, flyers, menus etc
Recommended for homes, offices, cyber cafes, hotels & restaurants etc

Say goodbye to cartridges today! Get your Epson L382 printer today!
Original Clarity ink for Epson

* Tired of constant head blockages?
* Tired of printouts full of ugly lines?
* Tired of doing numerous head-cleanings?
* Tired of recurring "inkpad saturated errors?"
Buy the ORIGINAL clarity inks from us, and say goodbye to all the above problems!

Counterfeit inks might be 10 to 20shs cheaper, but they will kill your printer worth several tens of thousands!

Don't gamble with your printer!
Say NO to COUNTERFEIT inks today!


* Write down your promotions/adverts/menus etc with your free hand using chalk marker pens
* Easily rub using a soft cloth. Can write and rub unlimited times.
* Many colors of the pen available to make your writings/art as colorful as you desire
* Has LED lights that illuminates the artwork/ writings. Very bright and colorful even in darkness.
* With Free 10,000mAh powerbank:- Can continue illuminating for so many hours even when there is no power.
* Good for promotions and adverts in shops, restaurants, bars, shopping malls etc

Now going for only Kes 5,990

Inkjet printable PVC cards
Dark & Light t-shirt transfer papers
PVC card die cutter
Card tray for epson printers
Passport photo die cutter
Card punch